For Retailers

The journey kicks off when dealers and retailers, seeking additions for their stores or collections, connect with us. Whether you’re inquiring about pricing, requesting detailed quotes, or envisioning the final product, we’re here, eagerly awaiting your outreach, ready to offer our expert guidance. Just let us know – we’re all ears!


Once we understand the specifics your clients or you are after, we promptly furnish the precise information you need. Whether it’s a comprehensive quote, pricing details, or a vivid visual representation that will help you close the deal, consider it done.


Upon your confirmation, whether via email or PO, the wheels start turning. If you need more time to deliberate, no problem – we’ll contact you to ensure everything is on track. Our dedicated Customer Service team ensures your order is acknowledged and aligned.

We make sure all the details are set by scheduling it in our production plan.

Before we start crafting, we handpick the finest materials to make sure your rug is nothing short of perfection.

Once your rug is ready, it undergoes quality control. Upon approval, packaging instructions are given to production and the export guide is prepared.

fter pickup we send you the tracking number so you can follow along as your rug makes its way.

The package is tracked until it reaches its destination. Once your rug arrives, we wrap up the journey by closing the order in our system. 

From your initial outreach to the moment our final product arrives at your store, we’re with you every step of the way. Our commitment to retailers goes beyond crafting high end rugs, it’s about crafting long term continuous commercial relationships and delightful experiences to help us both grow together.